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  • New England Patriots: Local seniors experience Patriots Super Bowl parade through virtual reality

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    The Patriots Super Bowl LIII victory parade rolled through Boston about a month ago, and 1.5 million Patriots fans showed up to cheer their champions on. A few weeks later, in a quieter setting just outside of Boston, a group of seniors got to experience the parade themselves in a different way.

  • AARP: Virtual Reality Used to Combat Isolation and Improve Health

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    I’ve been here before. I’m standing on a treeless plain; behind me are massive boulders streaked with moss. A stiff wind rustles tufts of grass, and seabirds wheel overhead against a low gray sky. The flat arctic light tickles some long-buried memory, and I know where I am: Iceland, a place I visited for just a few days more than two decades ago.

  • ITU: From robots to virtual reality: 4 ways tech can improve seniors’ lives

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    What do robot companions, matchmaking apps and spontaneous trips to Paris have in common? They’re all examples of ways technology can improve the lives of seniors.

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  • The Goodman Group: How Virtual Reality is Connecting Residents in Senior Living

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    When Peggy moved into assisted living a year ago, she thought her days of travel were over. Instead, she’s cavorted with penguins in the Antarctic, was wowed by the Northern Lights, and marveled at a Hawaiian volcano. It’s all been made possible by an innovative program at Regal Palms and Royal Palms in Largo, Florida.

  • The Hartford: Older Adults Are Gaining Experience and Reaping the Benefits of Virtual Reality

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    Eugenia Plant lives in a nursing home. And yet, since she has been there, virtual reality (VR) has taken her around the world and even to outer space. With a special headset, she has “traveled” to Antarctica to be among the penguins, gone diving in the Red Sea, explored Jupiter, and toured the Sistine Chapel. “It’s so exciting and I don’t have to go all those miles in an airplane!” says the eighty-six year old Plant.

  • The Health Journal: Virtual Reality for Seniors: Stop Laughing and Pay Attention

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    It may look like the residents of Maplewood Senior Living are sitting around the facility’s library in Westport, Conn. But in their minds, they’re reaching for beads at a Mardi Gras parade, flying over the huge Jesus statue in Rio and visiting their long-lost childhood homes.

  • CT Post: Smart tech finds home in senior care

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    Forget rotary phones and dial-up internet. Modern-day senior housing could just as likely to feature voice activation and virtual reality, with the technology industry turning attention to an often-overlooked generation of customers.

  • VT Digger: Virtual reality technology opens windows to the world for vets’ home residents

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    Army veteran Kevin Kendrick looks up from his virtual reality headset on Wednesday morning at the Vermont Veterans’ Home. The facility is finding that its senior residents love the new technology experience. Photo by Holly Pelczynski/Bennington Banner

  • Bennington Banner: Virtual reality: A positive addition to Vets' Home

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    In a roughly half an hour, four residents at the Vermont Veterans' Home traveled the globe without getting up from their chairs.

  • Courville Communities: NEW! Rendever Virtual Reality Experiences at Aynsley and Carlyle Place

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    The Courville Communities is proud to announce our new partnership with VR (Virtual Reality) company Rendever. Rendever is a startup spun out of MIT that is building a research-driven virtual reality platform for elderly care to improve the quality of life of older adults. Rendever’s platform enables older adults to travel back to their childhood homes, explore cities like Paris and all the wonders of the world, cross off bucket list items, and participate in family events that they would normally have to miss.

Other Press and Media Coverage

  • KWDN: Aging in place with a Cox Smart Home

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    Watch as Kyle Rand, CEO of Rendever, explains how Virtual Reality can enhance later stages of life when access to the world may be limited through mobility issues, social isolation, increased rate of cognitive decline, etc. But, Virtual Reality can have an overall positive effect on life experiences as Carla Rae, morning show host, experiences first-hand.

  • mobihealthnews: With careful design, seniors can find solace in new tech

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    In many cases, Rand explained, the root of the problem isn't that seniors are incapable of operating new technologies, but that the interfaces they're given are inherently unwieldy. Pointing to his own company’s experience in creating a VR product, Rand said that the first step should often be directed efforts toward lowering the barrier of entry.

  • Las Vegas Sun: Smart homes making life easier, especially for older residents

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    “When the ability to travel goes away, it can be really tough,” said Kyle Rand, chief executive officer for Rendever. “We see social isolation, we see depression. These things combined lead to cognitive decline, increased risk of dementia.”

  • Fortune: Why Tech Firms Can’t Ignore Seniors

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    When it comes to technology, the mass market for the most part ignores senior citizens. This is a mistake. Despite the common misconception, today’s senior citizens have a greater familiarity with technology and own more devices than ever before.

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