Wish of a Lifetime is an amazing organization on a mission to shift the way society views and values our oldest generations by fulfilling seniors’ dreams and sharing their stories to inspire those of all ages. One of their annual programs is called “Passage of Heroes” and it aims to honor, commemorate and share the legacies of service members through intergenerational connection.

Denver-based veterans ages 68-97 are paired with high school seniors for a series of events that leads up to a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Washington, D.C. to visit the many memorials built in honor of American veterans.

For their final sendoff, Rendever agreed to make it possible for the students and veterans to preview their trip in virtual reality - a first-time experience for most. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 virus prevented us from being able to host the event as scheduled. We sincerely hope that we can reschedule and deliver this incredible experience to the veterans and students involved.