Rendever and COVID-19

Amongst these uncertain times, it’s no surprise that senior living communities are responding with drastic measures to keep their residents safe. Restrictions or full-on cancellation of visitors and group activities are among the most common tactics.

Here is the challenge… The entire value proposition of a senior living community is centered around two central themes: established, reliable care and a sense of a thriving community. Policies being put in place are tied directly to our collective mission to keep older adults as safe as possible, and it’s amazing to see the entire world come together to help this mission. But by focusing so heavily (and necessarily) on social distancing, are we risking the other major benefit of senior living? A sense of community and connectedness?

Rendever was built on a mission to reduce social isolation through the power of shared experiences, and this mission is now more important than ever before.

Virtual reality is a pretty incredible technology. By slipping on a headset, you instantly feel like you’re in an entirely different place or experience, thanks to fully immersive 360° images and videos. Geographical distance and physical limitations have never been boundaries or barriers with VR. And now, that’s true even within communities.

Following a successful and inspiring experience with our NIH-funded research, we’re proud to be officially launching voice communication on Rendever!

This will allow participants who are in physically separate locations to openly communicate with each other through their VR headsets. Of course, staff can still lead and participate in the conversation by speaking directly through the tablet.

In addition, we're incredibly aware and respectful of how challenging this time is for staff in communities. To augment their efforts, we're officially launching Rendever Live, allowing our community partners to take advantage of complimentary expert sessions directed from our team of experience experts.

COVID-19 Facts


There are more than 1,000,000 confirmed cases globally and over 85,000 confirmed deaths (WHO)

Hospital bed

8 out of 10 deaths reported in the U.S. have been in adults 65 years old and older (CDC)


The mortality rate for those 85 years old and older in the U.S with confirmed COVID-19 is 10-27% (CDC)

Social Isolation Facts


The health effects of prolonged isolation are equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day (APS)


Increased levels of stress hormones as well as a heightened risk for heart attack and stroke, dementia, and premature mortality (AARP)


AARP Public Policy Institute estimates that social isolation is associated with $6.7 billion in additional Medicare spending (AARP)

With Rendever’s advanced networking, residents can join a group session from the comfort of their own rooms, or even from their own apartments!


How can Rendever customers continue to use their systems during COVID-19?


1-on-1 Sessions

Use one of our dedicated 1-on-1 session guides to lead engaging sessions with residents during individual visits. These guides enable easy conversation by focusing on the personal side of story sharing within a comfortable setting.


Programming from a Distance

Voice communication allows staff to manage sessions with residents in separate physical spaces. Whether each participant sits in the doorway of their rooms for a hallway session or residents in different buildings around a campus want to join for a session, the group is able to both speak to and hear one other. Think of each headset as a telephone in a group conference call.


Expert Sessions

Someone from our expert team of experience creators will guide a session that you can attend remotely from the comfort of your community. These are pre-scheduled and delivered live, with a real-time view of our expert guiding the session. Available to all Rendever clients, our complimentary expert run sessions are designed to help augment your staff during this stressful time.